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3 Ways to Lower CPA on Google Ads

Lowering Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for an ecommerce business on Google Ads can significantly improve your return on investment (ROI) and overall profitability. Here are three effective strategies to make this happen, and scale the ecommerce PPC operations to the next level: 1. Optimize Ad Targeting with Audiences Refine Audience Segmentation: Use Google Ads’ audience segmentation features to target the most relevant and high-intent customers. Create detailed customer personas based on demographics, interests, and past behaviors. By narrowing down your…

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3 Things to Optimize in eCommerce PPC on Google Ads

We get to analyze a lot of eCommerce PPC account and here are the 3 main pitfalls that a lot of PPC advertisers are missing out or ignoring on Google Ads PPC platform. Ad Schedule Many folks are not utilizing this feature and apple the same CPC or automated bidding strategy throughout the day. Are your shopper really need shop hard at 4 am in the morning? Do you really need to be competitive very early in the morning or…

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How to Understand Digital Marketing Agency Monthly Reports

Most digital marketing agencies should send performance reports to their clients. If you are engaged in a monthly retainer, be it SEO program or PPC program, you need to get those reports and understand how these services are benefiting your business and what value they provide. Main Elements to Look For Data and analytics analysis: traffic increase/decrease, time spent on site, organic KPIs and funnel analysis. Just to name a few basic ones. Generally, the report should explain whether these…

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3 Main PPC KPIs to Look For

If you are running a PPC campaign, you probably know there are many KPIs to look for which could be overwhelming. However, things are a little simpler than some are trying to portray and eventually we need to look at the bigger picture and determine whether one channel is working or not. Here are our top 3 PPC KPIs we look for: Conversions: the bottom line that tells us if a campaign is performing or not. If people are converting,…

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3 Important Tips for eCommerce Products SEO

You are an eCommerce business owner and perhaps been through some SEO agencies that worked on your website. You’ve had your fair share of reports, analytics screenshots and impressive presentations, but still, wonder what the hell needs to happen to actually improve the eCommerce SEO and increase the organic revenue. Here we will outline the 3 main factors that each eCommerce store should apply in order to improve the SEO. These are relatively easy fixes that even could be made…

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