You are an eCommerce business owner and perhaps been through some SEO agencies that worked on your website. You’ve had your fair share of reports, analytics screenshots and impressive presentations, but still, wonder what the hell needs to happen to actually improve the eCommerce SEO and increase the organic revenue.
Here we will outline the 3 main factors that each eCommerce store should apply in order to improve the SEO. These are relatively easy fixes that even could be made in-house.  

  1. Detailed Product Descriptions – Don’t settle with the stock product descriptions provided by the manufacturer. Instead, put the time and effort in writing unique and detailed product descriptions to each and every product (that’s right). Think about the users and kind of useful info they could use. The search engines prefer websites that offer added value in forms of content and these tend to earn better SEO and greater organic revenue. 
  2. High Quality Images – All product images should be of high quality and the more – the merrier. While most eCommerce website settle with some stock images, we would strongly recommend taking some more photos, of unique angles and/or shots and attached them to the product. The logic here is again to provide unique experience for the shopper and added value in form images that he likely won’t see elsewhere. Also consider producing product videos! 
  3. Accurate Titles – The titles of the page (both the H1 and the meta) should be optimized and describe what product is on the page, of what brand and model. This is a key element for the search engines to determine what’s on page and provide that URL the proper equity.

Most folks could apply these steps in-house and save on paid SEO programs while retaining full control over the quality of the posted content.
In the next posts we will outline the technical SEO elements that should be utilized in order to gain further SEO equity.