eComBattlers is a great collective of digital marketing professionals and agency veterans who got old and tired of the standard way that very most digital marketing agencies operate nowadays, along with their embedded time-wasting cultures disguised as ‘collaboration’, that lead to endless delays and missed deadlines. But most, we got tired of the general mediocrity.

So we decided to follow our hearts and do things differently – our way. We went back to our roots and been focusing on what we do best and enjoy most: eCommerce.
eCommerce is not our side business, some basement department or another gig – eCommerce is our main and only thing. Some try to be all over the place – we have our established preferences.


With extensive, hands-on experience in actual sales (real-estate, automotive, sporting goods, CPGs), lead generation, email strategy, SEO, SEM/PPC and PLA – along with passion to resolve various technical challenges, the team brings its experience in eCommerce digital marketing to local and national brands who are looking to either establish a digital strategy or require audit of their current marketing campaigns in order to ensure maximum ad-spend efficiency and lower CPA opportunities.


There’s a huge difference between managing a campaign for eCommerce – and actually understanding its complimentary part within the digital marketing strategy. Too often, campaigns are being poorly managed due to focus on the wrong KPIs, too often it is that ad-spend is being invested in SKUs with low profit margins and negative ROAS/ROI and too often there’s zero synergy between the different marketing campaigns and the general strategy what lead to one thing: revenue loss.

Do you really trust your digital marketing agency?


No, we’re not gonna promise to bring your website to the first page on Google, nor would we promise to lower your CPA by 600%.
Marketing is trial and error. While most marketers refuse to admit it, we’re here to remind them just that. And for those who still insist of selling air – we are here to track their work and determine whether their actual performance drives real, measurable results – and at what cost, or – if their strategy and metrics are full of crap.
With expert witness experience under our belt, we will make sure you’re not being fooled.

** If you believe in fortune-telling, crystal balls and charlatanism – we may not get along.


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