eCommerce Marketing Strategy in Los Angeles, CA

Independent, BS-Free SEO, PPC, PLA and digital marketing strategy consulting for local and national eCommerce brands.

Based in Los Angeles, CA we serve selected eCommerce brands and help uncover missed growth opportunities, develop technical performance optimization strategies and provide audits for current digital marketing strategies.
We are driven by logic, straightforwardness and common sense – and all strategies are backed by data.
Zero mediocrity (as found at most agencies), zero promises, zero unclear, overwhelming auto generated reports that mean nothing – zero bullshit. You wasted enough on marketing.

Ready to work with an old-school battle-learned team? We are eComBattlers.

Here’s what we do:


  • eCommerce SEO – Increase organic traffic and conversions, achieve better SERP rankings, make sure your retail website is fully optimized for better eCommerce SEO & search experience!
  • eCommerce PPC/SEM – Stop wasting ad-spend! Full eCommerce PPC audits for local and national ecom brands! Lower CPC, lower CPA, greater ROAS & ROI!
  • PLA/Google Shopping – We make sure you’re pulling the most of PLA campaigns! Data feeds, Merchant Center, conversion tracking, KPIs. More conversions, lower CPA, better and cheaper performance on Google Shopping.
  • eCommerce Marketing Strategy – Where are you going with your digital marketing strategy for your eCommerce brand? What options are most applicable? What could work? What could not work? eComBattlers plan and execute successful and efficient marketing strategies for local and national brands.

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